Electro-Mechanical Assembly Service

VTW is a full-service metal and sheet metal fabricator with the capability of turnkey electro-mechanical assembly. Our electro-mechanical engineer team offers many custom solutions and can help you achieve your productions goals. VTW provides complete manufacturing of electro-mechanical products, enclosures, assemblies, and custom assemblies. We are committed to total customer satisfaction, making quality and lean manufacturing a top priority; along with being your sheet metal engineering partners. We now have added assembly and electronic testing Versatility designs build, and assembles complete products, or subassemblies, providing a single point of contact from start to finish.

Electronic Testing

Electronic Testing  | Versatility Tool Works

Fabrication and Product Assembly - Start to Finish

Our in-house capabilities allow virtually all operations to be executed on the premises, providing us with complete control over projects from inception through shipping. We have a 10,000 square foot clean area that is used primarily for assembly operations and quick turnaround for our customers.

Product Assembly

Ekectro Mechanical Assembly  | Versatility Tool Works

Assembling Products
Assembling Products  | Versatility Tool Works

VTW In-house Assembly and Testing
Saves Time and Money

Versatility Tool Works is a reliable partner that can handle your critical electromechanical assembly needs. We can manage the entire process, from concept through prototype to production. VTW manufactures complex fabricated metal assembly products for a diverse cross-section of markets.

Final Assembly and Testing

Final Assembly and Testing  | Versatility Tool Works

Product Assembly of Mobile Video Component

Electronic Electrical Enclosure  | Versatility Tool Works

Turnkey Component - Product Manufacturing

Versatility Tool Works and Manufacturing’s value-added services include design, fabrication, assembly, wiring, and testing components and complete assemblies. VTW offers a turnkey component or product manufacturing.

Wiring Components and Testing means a product can be put on the market faster
Electrical Testing  | Versatility Tool Works

VTW Engineering Can Design, Prototype, Fabricate Parts and Assemble Complete Products

Complete Product Design

Product Design of Industrial Tool Storage Cart  | Versatility Tool Works

Digital Prototyping

Digital Design Industrial Cart  | Versatility Tool Works

Part Fabrication

Fabricated Part for Industrial Tool Cart  | Versatility Tool Works

Final Assembly

Industrial Tool Cart Final Product  | Versatility Tool Works