CASE STUDY: Stamping


Versatility’s engineers and toolmakers have years of experience designing, building, operating, and maintaining complex high-speed tooling.

The pictured tool is constructed from carbide materials and operates at almost 10 press strokes per second. Versatility has produced more than 3.2 billion of the pictured fasteners from this tool without a single quality rejection from our customers.

How does Versatility achieve zero defects? It’s a combination of VQS™, the Versatility Quality System, and a great die. Part integrity is driven by the design, quality, and precision of the tool. If the tool is working properly, the end result is a perfect part. To ensure proper process operation, Versatility engineers
have embedded numerous sensors inside the die. The sensors are tied to a computer that monitors all of the critical process parameters with each press stroke. If a single parameter does not meet the established specifications, the press stops and informs the operator of the problem. Operators also perform periodic part inspections utilizing custom inspection fixtures and document the results under VQS™. The combination of automated process monitoring and VQS™ is a powerful force that allows Versatility to deliver perfection to the customer!