Electro-Mechanical Assembly Service

VTW is a full-service metal and sheet metal fabricator with the capability of turnkey electro-mechanical assembly. Our electro-mechanical engineer team offers many custom solutions and can help you achieve your productions goals. VTW provides complete manufacturing of electro-mechanical products, enclosures, assemblies, and custom assemblies. We are committed to total customer satisfaction, making quality and lean manufacturing a top priority; along with being your sheet metal engineering partners. We now have added assembly and electronic testing Versatility designs build, and assembles complete products, or subassemblies, providing a single point of contact from start to finish.

Electronic Testing

Electronic Testing  | Versatility Tool Works

Fabrication and Product Assembly - Start to Finish

Our in-house capabilities allow virtually all operations to be executed on the premises, providing us with complete control over projects from inception through shipping. We have a 10,000 square foot clean area that is used primarily for assembly operations and quick turnaround for our customers.

Product Assembly

Ekectro Mechanical Assembly  | Versatility Tool Works

Automated Product Assembly
Assembling Products  | Versatility Tool Works

VTW Cobot is a Tool for Manufacturing Excellence

Easily programmable, lightweight and compact, our collaborative robot can switch between tasks seamlessly and is economically viable even for the small-batch and mixed-product assembly lines.  Equipped with inbuilt force control capabilities, the COBOT UR5e ensures that every screw and component in the tool manufacturing production can be installed with perfect positioning and accuracy. On top of relieving workers of physical burdens, the COBOT also improves the fit and finish of your products by raising levels of precision and consistency in production. More information.

Faster Throughput and Higher Quality

Assembling Products
Assembling Products  | Versatility Tool Works

VTW In-house Assembly and Testing
Saves Time and Money

Versatility Tool Works is a reliable partner that can handle your critical electromechanical assembly needs. We can manage the entire process, from concept through prototype to production. VTW manufactures complex fabricated metal assembly products for a diverse cross-section of markets.

Final Assembly and Testing

Final Assembly and Testing  | Versatility Tool Works

Product Assembly of Mobile Video Component

Electronic Electrical Enclosure  | Versatility Tool Works

Turnkey Component - Product Manufacturing

Versatility Tool Works and Manufacturing’s value-added services include design, fabrication, assembly, wiring, and testing components and complete assemblies. VTW offers a turnkey component or product manufacturing.

Wiring Components and Testing means a product can be put on the market faster
Electrical Testing  | Versatility Tool Works


VTW Engineering Can Design, Prototype, Fabricate Parts and Assemble Complete Products

Complete Product Design

Product Design of Industrial Tool Storage Cart  | Versatility Tool Works

Digital Prototyping

Digital Design Industrial Cart  | Versatility Tool Works

Part Fabrication

Fabricated Part for Industrial Tool Cart  | Versatility Tool Works

Final Assembly

Industrial Tool Cart Final Product  | Versatility Tool Works