Precision Die Stamping

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Convey Clamp Stamping

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Follower Block Stamping


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Stair Bracket Stamping

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Fastener Clip Stamping


As a leader in precision stamping, Versatility Tool Works and Manufacturing have the equipment, personnel,  capacity, and versatility to handle any job scale on your part, component or assembly.

  • High volume progressive die stamping
  • Medium volume single station production
  • Low volume single station production

We specialize in punch press, transfer die, and progressive stamping of tight tolerances, high-precision stampings. Close tolerance die stamping is critical for achieving the tight uniformity necessary for modern manufacturing. The metal stamping process utilizes progressive compound dies, making it possible to accomplish more than one procedure at the same time.

  • Progressive die stampingPrecision Metal Forming  | Versatility Tool Works
  • Blanking & hole cutting
  • Cutting & forming
  • Coining
  • Piercing
  • Forming

Modern Stamping Technology

Progressive Die  | Versatility Tool Works


Modern metal stamping technology makes use of electronic sensors to protect the die and regulate the stamping process. VTW engineers also utilize advanced CAD and 3D software packages to optimize, stage, and design tooling, for economical production of precision parts.

  1. High Speed and Traditional Stamping up to 200 Tons
  2. Computer Integrated Process and Quality Monitoring

VIDEO: VTW's Bruderer Machinery

VTW's High Speed Stamping

Bruderer High Speed Stamping  | Versatility Tool Works
Punch Press


High Volume Stamping  | Versatility Tool Works
High Volume Fastener Stamping

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Engineer Tests and Checks Programming




Minster P2-30-30 Punch Press Stamped Parts Versatility engineers have embedded numerous sensors inside the die. The sensors are tied to a computer which monitors all of the critical process parameters with each press stroke. The die tooling is constructed from carbide materials and operates at almost 10 press strokes per second. Versatility has produced more than 2 billion pieces with zero quality defects.

  1. High-volume automated progressive dies with in-die electronic sensors and servo feeds
  2. Low or medium production volume capability with electronically protected tooling
  3. The Versatility Tool Works and Manufacturing operation scales to produce single components or an entire assembly
  4. Short lead times
  5. Electro-Mechanical Assembly, finishing & packaging services also available

VIDEO: VTW's Minster P2-30-30

Qstep Process - Customer Collaboration Program  | Versatility Tool WorksVTW's Qstep® Process assures quality fabrication, lowers manufacturing costs and allows quick turnaround on every project. READ MORE.