Industries Served

Versatility Tool Works is a custom manufacturer of complex fabricated precision sheet metal components, metal parts and assemblies located in Alsip, Illinois. We fabricate components, assemblies and complete products used in architecture, industrial manufacturing, institutional and high security lighting, electronics, computers, office products, educational aids, building and construction, medical and health care, metal cabinet and tool boxes, material handling, military and defense; and point of purchase displays.

Architectural, Institutional and
High Security Lighting

Versatility Tool Works produces a diverse lineup of fixtures, housings, reflectors, enclosures, and other complex fabricated components for the architectural, institutional, and high security lighting industries.

Versatility Tool Works and Metal Fabricating manufactures the highest quality lighting fixture components, outdoor utility, as well as, other sheet metal housings in a variety of shapes and sizes. We help control and direct light through design elements and finishes. These components may also assist with thermal management. Each component is designed and built to exacting standards and may be customized to meet each customer's unique design specifications and finishing.

Institutional fixtures are built to be durable and tamperproof. The seams are robotically welded and ground to produce a flawless yet impenetrable corner. The housing cover features several PEM fasteners which are used to hold a polycarbonate lens in place.

We manufacture various size light box enclosures for commercial, industrial, and consumer applications. We offer riveted or robotically welded construction, including sealed housings.

Stud welding or PEM®; fastener insertion are also available to accommodate component installation and assembly requirements.

Decorative, architectural lighting More than a dozen different face plate combinations are possible – all mounting on a common back plate assembly.

Commercial lighting fixtures are fabricated from aluminum and designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Institutional Lighting

Security Lighting

Materials include cold rolled and stainless steel in 16 - 12 Gauge (.048" - .105").

Institutional Lighting Components: Enclosure, diffuser and cover

Building, Construction, and Utility

Standard and custom enclosures for building and construction needs meet various weather, electrical enclosure, airflow, and temperature requirements. Versatility Tool Works and manufacturing simplifies manufacturing by minimizing secondary operations and by stud welding or automatic fastener insertion to accommodate component installation and assembly requirements.

Versatility manufactures a custom line of NEMA rated electrical enclosures used by lighting and utility box manufacturers. Because each enclosure is designed to the customer’s specific needs, there is no need for rework or modification. Knockouts, holes, and fasteners such as standoffs, nuts, and grounding studs are included per customer specifications. Multiple material types, gauges, and paint colors are available.

NEMA rated electrical enclosures

Enclosures with covers installed

Complete Utility Enclosure

Electrical and Utility Enclosures

Industrial Smoke Detector fabricated, assembled and tested

Stair Construction Bracket

Heavy Duty Cabinets, Tool Box and
Material Handling

Versatility Tool Works is committed to creating high-quality heavy duty metal storage cabinets built to your design specifications. Our flexibility, experience, and innovation set us apart. We take satisfaction in our ability to provide custom metal storage cabinets precisely built to customer design specifications.

VTW is also the manufacturer of a broad line of industrial tool cabinets and change-over carts, high-performance mechanic workstations and cabinets, and heavy-duty general storage cabinets, as well as premium branded OEM storage cabinets and carts for both tool and machinery distributors.
We serve various industries, such as sheet metal fabricators, aftermarket automotive, high-performance motorsports, pharmaceutical companies, and any industry requiring heavy duty custom storage with lean manufacturing or security options. Versatility Professional Tool Storage products are made to order from a variety of metal gauges with fully welded construction.

Metal Control Cabinet and Storage

OEM Storage Cabinets

Customized Material Handling and Tool Carts

Roller Cabinets

Conveyor Clamps zinc plated after stamping

Rolling Workstation

Electronics, Controls, and Computer

Versatility's experience with complex mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly provides a cost advantage to our customers. Our capabilities allow us to deliver finished assemblies and subassemblies ready to use on the customer's production line.

  • Any size metal enclosure - aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and more
  • Pem nuts, pem studs, pem stand-offs can be installed or incorporated into the advanced turret press and laser programming
  • Additional knock-outs added
  • Lock opening of any configuration
  • Lock Installation
  • Machined components fabricated and assembled
  • Electronic components installed, wired and tested
  • Powder Coating / Color
  • Lexan window opening 
  • Gasketing
  • Louvers or holes for venting
  • NEMA type boxes/enclosures

Electrical Enclosures

Mobile Video Control Module

Bracket and Circuit Board Assemblies

Network Display Products

Industrial Alert Device Fabricated, Assembled and Tested

Scoreboard Clock fabricated, assembled, tested and delivered complete to the customer.

Educational Aids and Office Products

From clips to enclosures, brackets, hinges and more, Versatility Tool Works and Manufacturing delivers precise form, functionality, and esthetic requirements specified in all types of products used in education and the workplace. 

Complex machining, high speed precision stamping or complete metal fabrication, assembly and finishing, VTW saves time, while improving product part quality. Most importantly, our engineering and production team can save customers money.

Globe hardware and stand fabrication and finishing

Hardware for Office Products, Luggage, highly precision components

Folder and Notebook Fastener

Follower Block: Stamping with A60 Coating Weight

Medical and Healthcare

For the medical and healthcare industry, Versatility Tool Works is producing medical cabinets and storage devices, such as controlled access cabinets for dispensing equipment or medications. These cabinets have complex locking and traceability systems. Many of the products are done in stainless steel and carbon steel and come with accessories for monitors and different diagnostic equipment that could be mounted onto the cabinets.

Medical Enclosure

Wall Mounted Intercom and Paging System Enclosures, Cover Plates, and Electronics assembled and tested

Lean Manufacturing and Automation

VTW is developing a number of products for industrial lean manufacturing tool storage needs, mechanics tool storage and complete OEM product fabrication.

iTool™ Visual Press Brake Tooling Cabinet with See-thru Roll-up Door and LED Lighting

iTool™ Shelf Visual "on the shop floor" Press Brake Tooling Storage