Versatility Tool Works provides complete fulfillment programs that help keep our customers lean. We’ve really work with customers on controlling the amount of fabricated product that we ship to them, and giving them only what they need. If stock sits on the production floor or a customer’s floor, that adds cost. So Versatility Tool Works strives to “make to order,” where production only meets what the customer is consuming.

Fast Delivery: On time, on schedule and when you want it.

For some customers, VTW receives daily production schedules on what they’re running in their plant and we have a forward-looking capability for four weeks. We plan our production schedule to meet what they’re going to be running in their production, and then we have to match our manufacturing production schedule to make sure those parts are there on the required day when they want to run that on their line.

“That’s something that we’ve come to be very good at. It’s really forced us to become a much better, leaner, more cost-effective manufacturer by being able to plan and coordinate our resources so that the customer is getting those parts when they want them and not getting extra parts. Getting exactly what they need when it needed. 

VTW Keeps Customer Lean 

  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Kanban
  • JIT
  • Hold For Release
  • Quick Ship Programs
  • Ship From Inventory Capability

Customers benefit with real cost savings by reducing administrative costs, inventories, and floor space requirements because they can trust VTW to deliver the right product, in the correct quantity, at the necessary time.

VTW's Qstep®  Process allows vendor managed fulfillment on every project. READ MORE.