Laser Marking

Versatility Tool Works and Manufacturing offers Fiber Laser Barcode Engraving and Serializing, Logo, Tool and Part Identification, Logo Engraving and Medical Markings on parts and assemblies. 
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VTW investment in the FUSION M2 32  Fiber Laser System means Versatility Tool Works and Manufacturing can offer:

• Highest Engraving Resolution
• Fastest Engraving Speeds
• Highest Contrast Grayscale Engraving

Laser Etching: FUSION M2 32 Fiber Laser
Fiber Laser for marking products  | Versatility Tool Works

Logos, Brand Name and Part Identification can be Laser Marked on Products

Etching logos directly on the part guarantees that our customers brand will always be immediately identifiable by his customer. Printed labels can be taken off the product, but an etched logo will be permanently marked on the product.

Barcoding and Serializing

VTW's fiber laser can etch barcodes and serial numbers directly on parts, tools or assemblies providing a very high-quality mark that is easily read by barcode scanners. Choose between one-dimensional codes, UPC codes, data matrix or any other type of code.

EPILOG Laser Marking Product Branding on Fabricated Housing and Chassis
Fiber Laser Etches Product Name-Logo-Identification  | Versatility Tool Works

Laser marked Logo and Company Name

Annealing Mark on 304 Brushed #4 Finished Stainless Steel

Types of Laser Etched Markings

Ablation Method of Laser Marking | Versatility Tool WorksAblation: The process of ablation is the removal from the surface of an object by vaporization. You’ll often hear of this process associated with etching an anodized material.

Annealing Method of Laser Marking  | Versatility Tool WorksAnnealing: This is the process of heating steel to a high temperature, creating a permanent oxide layer on the surface. The mark that results is a high-contrast mark created without changing the surface finish of the metal.

Color Change Method of Laser Marking  | Versatility Tool WorksColor Changing: With some plastics, the laser radiation penetrates the plastic and is absorbed by the color pigments of the plastic. The pigments are chemically modified, resulting in a color change in the surface, without damaging the surface.

Engraving Method of Laser Marking  | Versatility Tool WorksEngraving: The material is vaporized by the laser beam. The result is often a cone-shaped indentation due to the shape of the laser beam.

Foaming Method of Laser Marking  | Versatility Tool WorksFoaming: Most commonly seen with plastics and sometimes stainless steel, foaming is when melting of the material occurs, producing gas bubbles that get trapped as the target material cools, producing an elevated result.

VIDEO: EPILOG Fiber Laser Video Demo.

Advantages of Laser Marking
  • Cleaner and more environmentally friendly
    (no paints or solvents)
  • Faster production
    (faster setup, faster marking, no cleanup)
  • Ability to mark in three dimensions
  • Very precise marking 
    (small objects and in tight spaces)
  • More permanent
    (markings won’t rub off after repeated use)
  • Can be autoclaved (as when medical or dental instruments are sterilized)
  • Less chance of external contamination (there’s no pigment to come off from use and wear, for example)

Materials Laser Marking
  • Brass
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Carbon Steels
  • Copper
  • Machine Tool Steel
  • Nylon
  • Plastics
  • Stainless Steels
  • Various Aluminum Alloy
  • Many other material options are available, please call and speak to an engineer!

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