Collaborative Robot Supercharges VTW Assembly Line


Collaborative Robot Supercharges VTW’s Assembly Line

We are excited to announce that Versatility Tool has added a new Collaborative Robot to our electro-mechanical assembly line!

Collaborative robots, also called Cobots, are robots designed to work safely alongside people within a shared space. Unlike their larger industrial robot cousins, Cobots do not need to be isolated within a cage because they are designed to stop safely when colliding with a fellow worker. Besides the safety considerations, Cobots are programmed by humans manipulating the arms and training by example. When the Cobot is moved around, it remembers the steps and then repeats those steps, optimizing them to achieve progressively better outcomes.

What does all this mean for Versatility Tool Work’s customers?

  • Faster Throughput
  • Improved Quality
  • Reduced Project Start Up Time Increased Efficiency Decreased
  • Overall Project Cost

Give us a call to discuss how Versatility’s new Cobot can help your next assembly project.


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