VTW Invests in Advanced Fabrication Technology


Versatility Tool Works invests in advanced fabrication technology to increase quality, cut production time and reduce costs.

LATEST NEWS MAY 2019: Versatility Tool Works, and Manufacturing invests in state of the art, high-tech equipment that makes a significant difference with sheet metal fabrication. With the addition of the new HG ATC- Series Press Brake Bending Machine, our AMADA equipment lineup means that sheet metal can be easily and precisely shaped, formed, pressed, welded, punched, and cut in any way to meet manufacturing specifications and requirements. We depend upon fabrication technology to help meet fast-paced manufacturing demands for our customers.

  • Minimize Manufacturing Turnaround Time - Shorter Lead Times, Faster Production Runs and Minimal Downtime
  • Assure Zero Defect Production - Integrated Sensor and Digitally Managed Process Systems
  • Reduce Fabrication Costs - Lean Manufacturing, Engineering Assistance, and Collaboration
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HG ATC - Series Hybrid Bending Machine  | Versatility Tool Works

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